Operation Gothic Serpent 2019

By Stip As a team, we’ve been very involved in Stirling Airsoft’s England vs Scotland games and absolutely love doing them. But it’s a long wait inbetween them, being held once a year in December. While we were sitting waiting this year, a post caught our eyes. Stirling Airsoft, at Catterick FIBUA, which is local […]

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First Aid in Airsoft

By Ranger Ok, there’s been some talk about this topic for a while, a national magazine even did a long running section on first aid. So why am I writing about this? I work in the Safety industry and on top of this have spent a number of years as a first aid trainer and […]

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England vs Scotland 2018

By Stip.  In recent years, Stirling Airsoft‘s England vs Scotland game, held at Catterick FIBUA complex, has become a staple part of the Monkeys’ calendar. It’s a 60 vs 60 weekend event between two very competitive nations, and when we first attempted it in 2015, England were on a 3 year losing run which unfortunately […]

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