Loadouts – Ronan’s UK Forces Kit

By Ronan
UK forces/multicam rig


Belt- FRV shooters belt with the following attached:

⦁ Pistol holster
⦁ Grenade pouch for my BFG
⦁ Double m4 mag pouch
⦁ Dump pouch
⦁ 40mm smoke grenade pouch
⦁ Single pistol mag pouch

ro belt.png
The belt is solid and doesn’t wobble at all which gives it a good feel when running, I picked this combo of pouches as I wanted something light but could keep me in the fight for short periods of time, for example if I’m doing stag or at our FOB.

ro rig.png
Plate carrier- warrior DCS with ferro concept everyday carry cummerbund
On the front I have the following attached:
⦁ Admin pouch for bits- map, radio freq, notes, compass.
⦁ 3 mags on the front with two on my side, with those and my belt I’m carrying 7 mags which should be enough for most situations.
⦁ On the back I have a radio pouch with a baofeng uv-5r and a TCS antenna which gets me amazing signal even in dense woodland.
I’ve set it up like this because I’m trying to go for a more low-profile setup, so I can be that much more flexible and manoeuvrable. As for the mag pouches, they are very secure holding my mags in place nicely but are easy to put back in when needed.

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