Loadouts – Stip’s AI Green Team

By Stip

stip ai

This was my Green Team loadout from the AI500 : Operation Titan, at the Sandpit. I’ve picked this one out because it’s one of my favourites, but also became the template for nearly every one of my weekend loadouts ever since.

I usually play as a sniper, but had a few bits of a cqb kit kicking around in the months leading up to the event. This was my first major outing with the Monkeys, and although I was hopeful of being let loose with a sniper rifle, a teammate pointed out that there would be times I’d have to get in close and dig into defensive positions, so I decided to build a loadout that would let me do both. And being in the heat of summer, I was reluctant to use a plate carrier, especially for a lengthy period of time. I went looking for a very basic molle chest rig, which I could set up as needed, and settled on this :

stip rig

(pic showing configuration from later event)

This is my Condor Ops Chest rig. Nothing more than a flat sheet of molle with a couple of internal pockets. It’s nothing special, but it’s been my primary rig for every event since. For this AI500 event, I loaded up with four Warrior pistol/vsr pouches, two grenade pouches as small utilities, and a holster in a cross draw position on the left. I found it easier than being on the belt on the right hip, which meant drawing it around my m4 which hangs on a single point sling down my right.


Here’s a pic from getting ready beforehand. The rest of the load bearing was provided by a British Army issue mtp belt, onto which I had a triple m4 pouch, two large utilities, another grenade pouch for my radio, and a small utility on the right. These utility pouches held water, energy gels, spare ammo in a food bag (no rattle), speedloader, pyro, map, toolkit, spare batteries, spare eye pro, first aid kit and a compass. In addition, I carried a 50 litre backpack with more useful kit, and a large Viper drop leg utility pouch containing a scrim scarf for extra sniper camo, and spare gloves.

stip belt

It changed rapidly in the heat. The belt order was dropped and I stuffed 3 m4 mags into the internal pocket, the backpack was left at respawn and that meant I could run and gun far more effectively. All the stuff you think might be useful in the field really isn’t, and a lot can be accessed from respawn areas periodically through the day instead of having to carry it all. It allows for better manoeuvrability, especially in and out of buildings and vehicles. There’s less noise from rattling kit and bulky nylon. And less time messing around searching through pouches. I do all events now using only 3 primary mags, plus the one in the gun, with a speedloader full of spare ammo just in case. The chest rig since has had a triple m4 mag pouch added behind the pistol mag pouches and I rarely run a belt. Respawn, refuel, reload.

The BDU’s were a last minute change once I realised we were going on the green team. It was an old set of Teesar M81, which was my very first airsoft purchase many years ago that was quickly replaced by MTP/Multicam. I don’t buy expensive sets, because everything rips, but I love the Teesar ones ahead of all the other mid range brands because the seams are really well stitched (my Helikon pants always seem to split down the crotch), and the material feels more cotton than polyester, which is a bit quieter when running. They’re comfortable and I prefer ACU style combat shirts for the shoulder pockets and collar. The UBACS style shirts I find a bit too delicate for crawling around  and to be honest, I don’t like the lack of camo on the torso section. The Teesar pants tick the one box I have for combat pants and that is knee pockets. Those clacky plastic kneepads are noisy and I prefer soft neoprene inserts. The bandana was just something cheap and green to throw on that wasn’t going to cook my head in summer months, and is a Czech Army issue bandana from ebay that goes everywhere it’s permitted to now; some tan teams don’t allow it though. Bulk on the head can restrict visibility and mobility, and I have a mask and comms to fit on too, so the bandana is a nice lightweight solution, to keep sun off if nothing else.


I did take a FAST helmet too, but it was rarely used. A tan shemagh gave my neck some protection and is a handy towel for wiping sweat away and cleaning goggles.


And that’s it. My green team loadout, that set me on the path of lightweight, mobile setups for grinding out long weekend events.


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